How are abortions performed in a clinic? Abortion procedure and methods

Counselling, ultrasound and a doctor's exam are usually done in the same visit as your abortion, so you'll only need to come to our clinic once.. Feel free to request a female doctor when you call.

The procedure itself takes as little as 5 minutes, but the entire appointment lasts 2 to 3 hours. When you call to book your appointment please be ready to answer the following questions:






◦What date was the first day of your last normal menstrual period? (If you are unsure of the date, an intake counselor can help you)

◦Have you had any previous pregnancies? If yes, were they normal vaginal deliveries or caesarian sections?

◦Have you had any miscarriages?

◦Do you have any allergies?

◦Do you have any reactions to medications, anesthetics or latex?

◦Do you have any health or medical problems?

◦Are you currently on any medications?


Nowadays, an abortion is a surgical procedure in which a doctor removes the embryo (fetus) and placental tissue from the woman's uterus. This is how an abortion is performed:

  • During the abortion procedure, the woman lies on an examining table with her feet in stirrups.
  • Ultrasound is performed to determine the gestational stage of a fetus.
  • Before dilation is initiated, the cervix is examined using a speculum
  • The physician gradually widens (dilates) the cervix by inserting and removing a series of narrow, tapered rods, each slightly wider in diameter than the last.
  • The doctor inserts a small, hollow tube which is attached to an aspirator machine (similar to the one dentists use to clear the mouth of saliva). The suction is turned on and the doctor moves the tube back and forth for a short time. When the uterus is empty, the suction is stopped.
  • The walls of the uterus are then gently scraped with a loop-shaped instrument (curette) to make sure no tissue from the embryo or placenta remains.
  • An abortion usually takes less than five minutes. Dilation is often uncomfortable. Many women feel menstrual-like cramps both during and after the procedure.


On the day of procedure, to ensure your comfort at the clinic please observe the following guidelines :

  • Do not eat or drink for several hours before your appointment
  • Take a bath or a shower prior to your appointment
  • Bring an extra pair of underwear
  • Extra hygiene pads
  • You should not be driving that day
  • Do not bring children

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